Expert Carpet Cleaning in Ross and Pickaway, OH, Counties

Let's face it, there are times in life when basic floor cleaning measures won't cut it. Think of your clean freak in-laws staying for the holidays or your company's board of directors stopping by for an inspection. When you need to get your floors deep down clean and sanitary, call the carpet cleaning experts that residential and commercial customers in Chillicothe, OH, have relied on for years: K & K Carpet Care! 

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Get Ready to be Floored

It's a proven fact that when people enter a room, their eyes gravitate toward the floor. What will they see when they look at yours? If you're apt to answer tired, worn carpets harboring years of dirt the kids have tracked in, or tiles overdue for a grout cleaning, then you're overdue for a call to K & K Carpet Care. Call our team in Chillicothe for a quote on floor and carpet cleaning at prices that won't make you hit the ceiling! 

Executive Decisions

In business, making a good first impression is absolutely crucial, especially in fields like retail, hospitality, or food service. Make sure that your customers see clean floors, windows, and counters every time they come in with a little help from K & K Carpet Care. Our commercial janitorial services are affordable and convenient and can be scheduled at times that work for you. Call us today in Chillicothe.

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We've Never Cleaned a Floor We didn't Like

Some floor care companies only deal in carpet cleaning. K & K Carpet Care isn't one of them. Whether your floors are carpeted or tile, our technicians will get them deep down, sparkling clean. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Ross and Pickaway Counties.